Mizuno Wave Enigma 3 Review


A few weeks back Mizuno, my favourite sports running shoe brand, sent me a pair of Wave Enigma  3 to review. I have been wearing mizunos for the last few years and find them extremely good for long distance running.

A great thing about these shoes is that they come in hot colours and varying styles suited to any type of runner. I was sent the bright pink and black with lime green laces, but I also have a pair in aqua, so I was VERY excited when they sent me the pink as I immediately started planning a race outfit 🙂

These shoes are fantastic. I wore them for my marathon and they were so good that on the day I had one blister after 42.2km. And that was because of my sock, not the shoe. I love the smooth ride and flexibility that they give me when I wear them, especially for the long run.


I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t all in my head and so I tested these new ones out again on a few different runs. The first time that you wear a shoe can be a little uncomfortable as your feet get used to them. This was not the case for me. These shoes were comfortable from the first wear. They offer well made cushioned support for the neutral runner such as myself.

There are a few things that I love most about this shoe:

1. Its cushioning. It feels smooth underneath my foot on impact. I don’t feel like I am thumping down on the ground like I have with other brands. A smooth ride every time.

2. Its flexibility and support. I like the spring that it gives me especially when I am going for a tempo run. I don’t feel like my foot is pronating and it provides amazing support and no slip.

3. Its width. This shoe has a wide toe box which is fantastic for me and my bunions. I also have to fit in an orthotic and I find that it fits well once I take out the innersole and I still have plenty of room for a thicker sock that I like to use during long distance training.


4. Breathability. The mesh on this particular shoe is so good for allowing my feet to breathe during a sweaty workout. I never feel like my feet are dripping in sweat and uncomfortable.

5. The look. Its hot. It’s colourful and its modern. It looks fast. I like that because I am by no means the faster runner around.

6. Its price. for around $200 you can have an awesome shoe that delivers on long distance running.


Overall I find Mizuno Wave Enigma 3 a fantastic choice for neutral runners engaging long distance running. You can’t beat the modern design, the flexibility and support the shoe delivers and the price. Head over to www.mizuno.com.au to see what other great options for footwear they have!

Thanks Mizuno for the chance to review one of your most amazing shoes.

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