Jaime’s 10K race recap!


Jaime is one of our running mums in QLD and she kindly decided to share her recent 10km race recap with us. Jaime is an amazing mother who has overcome some major weight loss to get where she is today with her running. She has been inspired by others in the Running Mums Australia community and continues to inspire others on her journey also. I hope you love reading all about her story. This movement is about you, everyday mums who make a difference in the lives of others through their running. Thanks Jaime for being so awesome. I can’t wait to hear all about the rest of this years achievements in your life!

Here is her story:

How many times has someone said to you ‘You’re crazy! Why do you run?’

Today was one of those days when I only wish I could be asked that question!

I have always HATED running, come to think of it…I have always hated exercise fullstop! It was only last year when I discovered that I was heavier than my husband that I realised that my life needed to change.

I have always had plenty of excuses not to exercise…

  • It’s too hot
  • It’s too cold
  • I’m too tired
  • I’m too busy
  • My legs hurt

2013 became the year of ‘NO EXCUSES’!!! On a drunken whim with a mate I signed up to Tough Mudder as my incentive to work hard and get fitter. I started my body change in April and have not looked back (well, maybe just for a few weeks over Christmas!!!)

It was through my Bootcamp group that I became acquainted with the lovely Elspeth who started doing running classes every Thursday morning. So I thought, what the heck, I have nothing to lose and promptly got on board her running train. Week after week my confidence grew, I was able to go from running and stopping a 5km circuit to JUST running. I was so excited about my new found love of smashing the bitumen…


I was faced with a setback, not just one but 3. They do say things happen in 3’s! First was the emergency surgery to remove both ovaries as they were entangled in cysts the size of oranges, next was the damaged rib cartilage and finally it was a rolled ankle. Devastated was one word…

I sat on my hands chomping at the bit for almost 2 months. In hindsight I was probably one of the hardest women in Australia to live with…no exercise and premature menopause can do that to you!

Finally, I gradually started to make my way back and it was on my way back up the fitness ladder that I was introduced to the amazingly beautiful, kind, encouraging and most genuine woman I know, Danielle Cory. My mother used to say to me that everything happens for a reason and I believe that having this gorgeous girl come into my life is the reason I have become a passionate and enthusiastic runner. Danielle makes me want to improve myself every run but she has also taught me to be kind to myself and to value and appreciate what my body does for me…I’m slowly starting to listen to her!

For the last few months I have mixed my week up with bootcamp training and running. I have gradually built back up from 5km’s to 15. I am aiming for the Gold Coast Half Marathon so I am working hard to build confidence, strength and stamina.

Today was my first ‘competition’ 10km run. I slept very poorly last night, my mind racing…will my shins stop me?  Will my ankles burn?  Will it be too hot? Should I eat before I run? Have I hydrated myself enough today? Over and over and over!!!! I think my final thought was, am I going to be too tired to run? To add insult to injury when I woke up my tummy was churning and the visit to the loo had me very anxious, in fact, thoughts of finding a public toilet during the race were plaguing my mind…aghhhhhh!!!!!

Fast forward to 7 o’clock this morning…Danielle, Janelle and I eagerly waited amongst the see of Lorna Jane, Adidas, Nike and New Balance, the smell of men’s deodorant wafted through the air and the excitement that was clearly exuding off every runner/walker at the race this morning was refreshingly contagious.


It was on, the road that Danielle and I had run the previous week to get in tune with the track was feeling good. My mind was working overtime…LRLS!!! Breathe, focus…RUN! My first km was done in record time for me 4:44, as my watch vibrated on my wrist and I saw those numbers come up I knew I was off to a good start, could I maintain the pace?

It’s a funny thing running, one minute your focussed on your running style, the next thing you’re willing yourself to push harder to the next corner. My first 5 km’s were as per usual, just a matter of getting through them, I kept telling myself to push, push, push. Before I knew it I had done my first 5km’s as a PB. I had finally cracked 3 minutes off my fastest time, you little beauty! The best part about the first 5km’s was that it was over and from there it was all downhill, no more hills to climb.

As I entered a street at about the 7km mark I was pushed on by a tailwind, a welcome friend at a much needed point in the run. I remembered thinking at this point that my legs were going so fast my heart was having trouble keeping up, I wanted to stop and have a breather but I didn’t want to lose anytime.

The run was coming to an end very quickly, I was very conscious of the noise ahead at the finish line and I imagine the people I was running near were all feeling the same burn as they breathed heavily and wiped the sweat from their brow.

With 500m to go my mind was willing me to just keep running, I was in the zone! My music was pumping through my ears, my legs had nearly carried me all the way without so much as a niggle when out of the corner of my eye I caught the most welcome sight for the entire race. There, by the side of the road, was my family; my sister cheering, my husband smiling and my babies calling my name…’Mummy, Go Mummy!’ I was so pleased to think that they would be there to see me complete my first 10km race, there was no way I was breaking into a walk in the final few hundred metres, I had to show my babies what it is to finish strong.

Finish strong is what I did! I SMASHED my PB by over 7 minutes. Only a month ago I ran 10km in what I was super proud of 58.59, today I ran it in 51:15….

Who’d of thought that little old me would get so crazy, excited about running???

I am so proud of myself for persisting with my new found love of running. I love that each time I put my joggers on it is a different run. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is emotional and sometimes it is just downright bloody AMAZING!

The friendships that I have gained through my new craze have been an integral part of my success, I have met some truly beautiful and inspirational runners through Running Mums Australia and those whom I have not yet met still feel like friends that I run with on a regular basis. I am inspired, challenged, entertained and in awe of each and every Mum in our group. I love seeing my FB notification flash up on my phone to indicate someone has posted on our page. I think to myself, who has had a good run? Who needs some encouragement? How will I be inspired today? Who am I going to try to run like today? Thanks girls for your never ending source of all things running.

I am left with a seed that the lovely Danielle has now very kindly planted in my head! I could do a marathon!

Stay tuned – crazier things have happened!


some of our Running Mums Australia mums


Jaime and her son


Jaime before she lost weight runningImage


2 responses to “Jaime’s 10K race recap!

  1. You’re an inspiration for old friends and new Jaime 🙂 love you to bits xxxxx. Little do you know, but I’ve started running…. Arghhhh! And I think of you often as I pound a very different piece of concrete, a long long way away from my gorgeous friend. I look forward to taking a run with you soon. Xxxx

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