As you all know, we love celebrating our members. Today we celebrate one or our own who is travelling all the way to the PARIS MARATHON this April to fulfil the dream of running her third marathon. When I heard this I just had to have her feature here on the blog. One, I love Paris and two, how amazing would it be to run the Paris marathon?! I can guess that there are not many Australian running mums that have had that chance, and so, Lee is going to share her experience with us. So, meet Lee Baston. She is a mum of two gorgeous children and resides in Western Australia in lovely Perth. Here is her interview with us. Enjoy……
Who are you and when did you start running? 
Aloha ladies, my name is Lee Baston and I’m an almost 40 year old Running Mum from sunny Perth!  I was a Secondary Science and Phys-Ed Teacher plus and a Pharmaceutical Representative in a former life however, since having my babies some 11 years ago (Daughter – Anais and son, Oscar), I have worked in the Real Estate Industry with my hubby, Derek.
We successfully hung up our own shingle ‘Baston & Co. Property‘ in the wonderfully vibrant inner city suburb of Victoria Park just over a year ago after working for a big franchise in the same area for 10 years – what a wild and exciting ride it has been stepping into small business ownership!
In between renovating homes, selling homes, Mummy hat on, netball coach hat on, hockey coach hat on (yeah yeah, you all get it)….I have always found my ‘calm’ running and cannot remember a time when I haven’t run in some form.  I played high level hockey from the age of 15 until around 23 for WA, including stints in WAIS and AIS Development squads. After years of playing a team sport, I relished the opportunity to run, by myself with only my thoughts and against only myself.
What or who inspires you the most in your running?
I’ve thought about this question more than I probably should have because the written words to follow sound selfish but…running is the only activity I do for myself – nobody else (except a friend, Sarah x)
I am conscious of the fact that I am also a model for my children and that my application, resilience and the ultimate reward that I get from running is something that they are vicariously sharing in and by default, I hope it is shaping them in some positive way.
What do you think is the most important thing to remember when training for a marathon?
The Paris Marathon on April 6th will be my third marathon and how different my preparation and mental space will be for this one compared to my first.
If you are thinking of doing your first marathon – JFDI! Enjoy the process as much as you can.  You will more than likely be tired and hungry and you may have a set back with injury (hopefully not serious) but what a journey when you cross that finish line after running 42km….now just stop to take in that big number….42km….yes you can do it, I promise.  It will be just your mind versus your body and both can be trained. Oh and massages…invest in massages – your kids, parters, random neighbours (kidding) 🙂
What has been your biggest running goal to date?
The Paris Marathon.  I ran the Melbourne Marathon in October last year and the exhilaration after crossing the line never wore off! I craved the same feeling and began researching up coming marathons around the world and very shortly, a dream will come true when I take to the start line of the Paris Marathon.
I am not going to Paris to qualify for Boston or New York or anywhere else, I’ll be running Paris to finish and to beat my head, my physical limit and hopefully, my time from Melbourne.
What was your most memorable run?
Definitely the Melbourne Marathon last year.  My first Marathon in Perth the year before was tough, in every way.  I shouldn’t have run (aspirated ankle a couple of weeks before) but I’d put it up on Facebook!!! lol
I only just finished and almost quit many times between 30km and 42km.
I couldn’t go out on marathons that way and registered for Melbourne – scared out of my wits at what was before me.  A solo trip to Melbourne from Perth with no supporters wasn’t really my perfect plan but I was there and I had a race to run.
A massive PB of 4.06 and a few high fives to myself and I’d done it!
Why get up and run? what motivates you? especially as a running mum?
Running while my household sleeps motivates me.  It is the warped mind set that whilst indulging in something for myself, I have not had any real impact on my family.  I would have run 5-15km, enjoyed a coffee and had a good gas bag with friends all before or just after my family stirs from their slumber.
What is your favourite distance?
The half marathon appeals to me the most.  During the course of training for these 3 marathons, I couldn’t even tell you how many half marathons I would have run, they became my new ‘Bridges run’ or 10km run.  I guess it’s the same feeling those who run numerous marathons get…the more you do it, the easier it becomes.
Why are you running Paris?
It’s the year of 40 and I have never been to Europe.  I figured I could knock a few items off the bucket list in one fell swoop.
What are you looking forward to most about Paris?
My hubby and kids unfortunately won’t be in Paris with me but my Mum and Dad will be.  I am really looking forward to crossing that finish line and having someone there to celebrate this achievement with me.  I called my folks after Melbourne and they’d been tracking my run via Facebook reports from my hubby and a good friend.  
It was a pretty emotional time for all of us – you’d have thought I’d won!  This really also sums up the whole running concept for me –  you run your own race.  
I didn’t win the marathon, I didn’t win my age category (not even close) but I won MY race and my family knew the hard work that had gone into taking to that start line.
Oh and I’m also looking forward to the shopping…and wine…and pastries and no dishes or vacuuming.  A massive thanks also to Derek for holding the fort while I do yet another crazy run.
What have been the highlights and struggles in your training?
Joining a Running group in Perth through a fabulous Running store – The Running Centre, has been a highlight. Through this group I have met some fabulous people and will know 2 others from Perth joining me at the start line in Paris.
I also tend to have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with my program 🙂  The program has allowed me to improve my running immensely – PBs for all major distances (including an age category win for my local Park Run – *cue solo high fives), learning the importance of hills and intervals to my overall plan and focus.
On the downside, I have struggled with my ‘head space’ in the later section of my program particularly the 3 x 30km+ runs that I have just finished.  These runs were mentally and physically tough and in previous training I had not done any more than 1 of these runs.  I am however extremely pleased to have clocked these running miles and think I hit my ‘rock bottom’  during one of these runs and pushed through it…I know I could do that again if I had to. 
The latter distances have also been a push from a time perspective.  Finding 3-3.5 hours on a Saturday andSunday around kids sport, heat and everything else is sometimes not ideal but you do just find the time and make it happen.
As a mum how do you find time to run?
It is a non-negotiable.  Period. 
If it’s in the diary, you run (or Derek cycles).  Miss a session at your own risk….Tad hardcore?  
What is the best advice you have had from anyone to do with running?
* We all get the same number of hours in the day, make yours count.
* Listen to your body.
This is one I have struggled with for a long time.  I have allowed myself to rest when tired physically or mentally and I think I have been so much better for doing it.  I would previously have beaten myself up for missing a run (or activating my ‘ipike app’ as is the coined phrase amongst some friends) if I just couldn’t get my shoes on. You just know when your body has had enough – give it and yourself a break.
If you could sum up running in one word what would it be?
You’re going to have to give me two words – ‘Mummy Time’, I don’t think I need to say anymore to anyone in this group.
What do you love about Running Mums Australia?
We celebrate all the wins – no matter how small we think they may be to others.  
The difficult runs and injuries are spoken about and effectively  ‘normalised’ as we’ve all been there and we will get over the difficult run and in time, the injuries.
Well done Nicole, for starting this amazing network of fabulous Mums.
What are your goals for the future with running?
Can I touch base with you after Paris?  I spoke with my running buddies just today about putting the ‘fun back in the run’.  
I have been so focussed on my program that there has not been many ‘social trots’ without the words ‘tempo’ ‘race pace’ or ‘intervals’.
My goal post Paris will be reconnecting with my run buddies over a leisurely wednesday morning run from the ‘Bunnings’ car park 🙂
Thank you Lee for sharing your amazing journey with us. We can’t wait to hear all about Paris and your race recap. Thank you for being an inspiring member of Running Mums Australia. We love learning from people just like you who are mums, and find the time to focus on doing what we love and doing it well. All the best in your running!



  1. Lee what an amazing experience that will be and awesome your parents can be there to share it with you. There is a lady here training for the Paris Marathon too having done te Sydney one last year.
    Still not sure I could do one, more particularly the time for training as been a push to fit in my half training but I definitely here you on how much running has become “me time”. Hubby was just laughing at me last night talking about planning trips away with the girls around running events rather than shopping trips etc. gosh it’s a huge change as I didn’t even run 18montha ago. Can’t wait to hear your story after this race enjoy every moment

  2. I missed these replies lovely ladies!! Thanks so much, I owe Nicole a follow up article!

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