Why do you run?


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Its dark. Its early. And its freezing. The alarm goes off and you bounce out of bed, throw on your running gear and your off. The first few kilometres are hard. You can’t get your breathing right, your legs are tired. You dream of being back in your bed, but then, all of a sudden it all comes together. Your breathing evens out, your legs feel like they are floating on air and you feel exhilarated. This is what you have gotten out of bed for. This feeling. Running frees you. It clears your head from the negative thoughts of yesterday. It challenges you to reach higher, go faster, push further. It brings you a sense of community. You meet your friends for a run around the coast, you race your partner along the track, you help each other over the obstacle course. You run because YOU have a reason. What is your reason? What makes you get out there each day and lace up your shoes?

I asked some of our members why they ran. This is some of the responses:

  • Debbie Thorley It means I get to buy lots of new shoes.🙊
  •  Liz Jones ITS ALL ABOUT ME
  •  Vanessa Phillips It made me realise I am more than a mother again, I had lost me for a while after having my three lovely children. And once I started I realised I really liked it so I keep on doing it!
  •  Sandra Crawford It’s time when I don’t think about teaching.
  •  Beck Heinemann It clears my head, just to be filled up again..
  •  Luisa Bianchi Two things for me:
    1) It is gives back what you give it. It’s honest.
    2) the miles are the miles & the time is the time. 
  •  Danielle Cory It’s when I feel free.
  •  Belynda Jane Abbott It makes me happy!!
  •  Fiona Cachia It’s my happy time
  •  Cinta Graves [While I can still outrun my children] it’s my quiet time, me time, my head-space all to myself. Sometimes I think out problems, sometimes I design, sometimes I go ‘there’s a nice flower!’ It always makes me feel better afterwards. It’s so positive.
  •  Melissa Bruce It’s about finding a better me and chasing my own goals and dreams and beating no one but myself! It’s about learning to love the highs and accept the lows and know that no latter what my family is so proud of me No matter what.
  •  Michelle Frenken It’s the only time I get to myself without interruptions! When I’m running I feel free I feel I can be me without being judged
  •  Nicole Friend It’s cheaper than a therapist my favorite running shirt and true clears my head
  •  Jaime Fing I feel like I can be me and just do my thing….set my goals and work towards achieving them 😊
  •  Kay Heinecke Running is my therapy.. Even after a bad day, I can go running and the world is right again..
    So ask yourself the question, why do you get out there? Running is something that only those who love it can relate to. It is a universal language that as runners we all share. If you don’t know why you would do it, I dare you to try it and not fall in love with it.


4 responses to “Why do you run?

  1. It’s my time when I’m doing something for me, not everyone around me. It’s not being selfish because it helps me deal with life’s daily ordeals.

  2. It is my time to work on me, whether that day it is a mental work out or a physical work out I always finish a run feeling so much better.

  3. Bounce out of bed? go for a run? – used to – not so much since daughter was born 2 years ago – but want to find that mojo again – always feels i am ‘stealing’me time though.

  4. I run to find MYSELF!
    I lost ME, when I became a wife and a mother. My kids used to define me. But my children are not me. I needed to re-define what I am. Running helped me find myself again!

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