My Running Story by Georgina Sertori

image-3Everyone has a story. Sometimes our stories are filled with sadness or tragedy, and sometimes hope and triumph. This is one such story of triumph. Running Mums Australia member Georgie shares with us her journey from being over weight to training to run a marathon. Thanks Georgie for sharing your story to inspire others going through a similar journey. 


I always hated running. I never saw the point. I met my husband in 2003 and he was a runner. I remember sitting in the parked car reading while he would go and run after uni. How dull, I thought. How boring. Running, pfft. As I got busier with study and full time work I got lazier. I didn’t exercise, I ate poorly. We got married and I hate my wedding pictures. There is not a single wedding photo on the walls of our house. Then in 2010 I got pregnant and put on even more weight.

During 2011 I tried to lose weight, but it was half hearted and I used any excuse to get out of exercising, although I gave the impression I was active. I even entered the Burnie 10, a 10km road race. It took me 1hr and 45min, and days to recover.

The perfect excuse came along in 2012; I was pregnant again. Throughout this pregnancy, the doctors were worried about my weight. Some were nice about it, others were not. Comments about my weight were not uncommon in all aspects of my life.

In Sept 2012 I was now the mother of 2 beautiful, healthy little girls. After my 6 week check up, I was determined to lose the weight. I booked in with a personal trainer and together we worked out some goals.

At 130+kg it was an ambitious goal, but I said to my trainer I wanted to run. “Do you think it would be possible for me to one day run 10km? I would love to do the Burnie 10 again”. I owe so much to my trainer, he didn’t laugh at me, he didn’t scoff, he was honest. He told me it would be hard work, but he would help me achieve it if that is what I wanted. He put me on the treadmill. 200m later and I was exhausted and close to tears.

But I was determined. I told everyone what my goals were. Accountability is so important. I started using MyFitnessPal and started to understand the link between calories in versus calories out. I had a garmin and HR monitor. I started running on the treadmill. 5min non stop, 10min non stop. Every achievement felt amazing. My husband had also put some weight on with me, and decided to join me to increase his fitness and lose weight.

The weight started to come off. My trainer took me for a run and said we would run 1km. I laughed at him! At the end of that training session I had run 1.5km without a single stop. I was on top of the world. I mapped out a 5km block near my house and would run as much of it as I could, then walk the rest of the way.

On New Years Day, 2013 I had lost 15kg and ran 5km without stopping. It took me just over 45min but I was so excited. I started doing Parkrun with the aim to run it all every time. I entered a 5km race in Launceston in March and ran it all in just over 40min.

January 2013 also held some tragedy. My nephew died just 20min after he was born due to tumours in his lungs. My sister-in-law came up with the idea of doing the Point to Pinnacle in his honour, and my husband and I decided to join her.

Mid March 2013 I entered a 10km race. I was hoping to beat my previous time of 1hr 45min. To my amazement I was able to run the whole 10km without stopping, and in just over 85min. I was ecstatic.

I continued to run, and continued to lose weight. I had used all my personal training sessions, and had learnt enough to motivate myself. In June 2013 I hit 50kg lost. Another 10km race and this time 67min. My new goal of 10km under an hour was within my sights!

In July I hit my first plateau at around 75kg. This plateau is now my maintainable weight, with 56kg gone forever I am pretty happy, and pleased to say that my weight has stayed the same almost a year on!

In Sept 2013 I attempted my first half marathon and ran it all non stop in 2.5hours. I couldn’t believe how far I had come! October 2013 brought with it the Burnie 10. This was my goal race, and I did it, 10km under an hour! November 2013 was the Point to Pinnacle. My husband and I (my sister-in-law was pregnant so was not able to participate) raised over $2,500 for bears of hope and we both completed the race. I was not able to run it all, and although I was disappointed with this, and with my time (3hrs9min) the sense of achievement is still quite strong.

In March 2014 I competed in the women’s 5km again, and got my current 5km PB of 26min32 – almost 20min faster than my first 5km run, only 14months earlier. My current 10km PB is 57min08. I am quite proud of what I have achieved, in a short time frame. From struggling to run 200m to being a half marathon runner in less than a year, and still improving my pace.

My main focus now is completing the Melbourne marathon in memory of my Auntie who died after a long battle with breast cancer. I will be raising money for NBCF. If she can fight cancer for 18years, I should be able to run 42km!!

I really should also mention that my husband has maintained a loss of 50kg, and is now on average running around 4min30kms!

I hope that my story can inspire someone, or make people realise that anyone can run. As a mother of two and a full time worker, who is renowned for being lazy… If I can do it, ANYONE can!!

3 responses to “My Running Story by Georgina Sertori

  1. Wow Georgina, what an inspiring story!!! I love that its not a short story, but a story of consistancy, determination and pure guts! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your marathon.

  2. Wow, what incredible courage and stamina you have Georgina. I was involved with BOH for a while- it’s a great charity. I’ve run for NBCF too because I’ve had breast cancer. You are a trailer blazer and will give hope to women who are overweight and want to run. Your Personal trainer is a legend too.

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