Super Saturday Session at Running Mums Australia!

  • Here are some of the posts our members shared on the Facebook page today for our super Saturday session thread! There is nothing like a weekend at RMA. Parkruns, half marathons, marathons, trail runs, training runs…we do it all, sometimes alone, sometimes together. THIS is what RMA is all about. Connection with others just like ourselves. Do you see yourself here?!!
    Sue Keane 5km parkrun T Penrith. 33mins 19 secs. (Sorry in another clubs colours!)

    Sue Keane's photo.
  • Donella Taylor I did my 5km Kawana Parkrun this morning in a record time for me, Garmin has me at 29:39, I started Runkeeper earlier than Garmin.
    Good luck with your marathon training Nicole, I am in awe of you and all the other girls doing marathons.

    Donella Taylor's photo.
  • Michelle Smith 10 km this morning in beautiful Ballarat with my wonderful sister Jo Challis. Knocked 6 minutes of my last 10 km run.

    Michelle Smith's photo.
  • Bernadine Larsen Day off for me today nursing a cold! Doing 33k tomorrow. ..3 weeks out from marathon.
  • Melissa Bruce I have a 5km today or tomorrow and then a biggie on Monday
  • Catherine Ross 10k done today and long run 32k tomorrow :-))
  • Pam Melling Ran 3.5km in total and walked the rest of 5km parkrun @ Penrith this morning …. I am pleased with that effort
  • Danielle Cory This was me today, 3 laps of our little Pittsworth town! I can now say I’m looking forward to CG!!

    Danielle Cory's photo.
  • Janelle Porter This was mine this morning with Danielle….furtherest I have ever run…my legs were so heavy by the end. But I just kept moving ;D

    Janelle Porter's photo.
  • Lumya Chambers Penrith parkrun today, it was a great turn out for the launch..

    Lumya Chambers's photo.
  • Karen Treagus A lovely 14km with a friend whilst Melbourne was waking up. Nothing quite like being an early bird. Feels awesome.
  • Rich AndClare Tapp Woronora trail run. 5km of hill and stair pain and hard cardio. 826cal burn.

    Rich AndClare Tapp's photo.
  • Rich AndClare Tapp Also did 5.5km cycle and over 5km walk with double pram
  • Sonja Cottam Getting annoyed wanted to do my long run today, but have to
    Play taxi to both kids, sigh there goes my run
  • Kay Heinecke Sprint training – hill session.. 10x40m; 3x80m; 3x90m.. I am in agony!!

    Kay Heinecke's photo.
  • Leah Taylor This was where I did my run this morning. The breakwall at South West Rocks. It was only a short run because my shins were hurting but I got almost 4kms done.

    Leah Taylor's photo.
  • Carolyn Tate My long run today!

    Carolyn Tate's photo.
  • Michelle Dorsett-Robins My 5km run was down at Beautiful Torquay along the Esplanade and to top it of a PB under 30mins!!;)

    Michelle Dorsett-Robins's photo.
  • Christine Manthey Logan River parkrun. My hubby’s and my 50th parkrun

    Christine Manthey's photo.
  • Rachel Awbery My fastest 13k ever today and felt fab, feeling pretty pleased with myself!!!!
  • Bernadette White 14km this am made easy running with friend along Nightcliff foreshore in Darwin, tomorrow night 20km fingers crossed as trying to regain lost ground after illness. Loved this morning’s run though, felt good and finally found a gel that didn’t make me gag (endura – grape)
  • Crystal Desmond 5km at Campbelltown Parkrun this morning in 25 minutes and 55 seconds.I ran for my pop today if he was here he’d be yelling out “Over take those guys infront Chrissy! So that’s what I tried to do Lol

    Crystal Desmond's photo.
  • Belynda Jane Abbott Running at the Redlands Charity Relay! Ran 7km in 58mins!

    Belynda Jane Abbott's photo.
  • Tania Wilcox Emery I now live at the top of this hill  did 5k and it hurts a lot lol

    Tania Wilcox Emery's photo.
  • Cinta Graves Big run tomorrow for me – birthday today and having a rest day but no alcohol until tomorrow! Treating myself with lightly sparkling lemon mineral water.
  • Julie Grauf 7.29kms around Stafford in Brisbane – it felt harder today but happily done and dusted!

    Julie Grauf's photo.
  • Lara Smith Southern Gold Coast – so hot here today

    Lara Smith's photo.
  • Michelle Esdale Diamond Creek Parkrun for my usual Sat morning 5km (me in the pink!)

    Michelle Esdale's photo.
  • Kerri Engstrom  Great work to everyone who got out for a run today. For me it was interval training on the treadmill. Not my favourite but had to be done!
  • Jan Tomlinson Love the tights. Short recovery run today but should not have eaten croissant just before. Usually have a mob of kangaroos just here but not today

    Jan Tomlinson's photo.
  • Belinda Owers No picture sorry. Ran 9km with Wagga Wagga Road Runners at Willans Hill. It is a very hilly run – felt really good today. Pushed myself – had nothing left at the end!

         Lisa Mulcahy
         I have just run 7k and it felt unreal. I really must push through that 5k barrier more often.
           I have just run 7k and it felt unreal. I really must push through that 5k barrier more often.

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