Review – Rydon Crystal Pink Sunglasses from Rudy Project Asia Pacific.


This review is brought to us by our lovely member, Monique Tudman, who also looks awesome in sunglasses!

I recently received a pair of Rydon Crystal Pink sunglasses from the Rudy Project Asia Pacific for review.

These super light and stylish feature packed sunglasses are not your usual sports sunglasses.

The Rydon model include ImpactX Clear Photochromic lenses which, if it wasn’t for the information contained within the hardy upmarket casing I wouldn’t have known what it meant. Simply put, the lenses change color from clear to dark depending on the level of UV light!

Or formally…..

pho·to·chro·micˌfōtəˈkrōmik/adjectiveadjective: photochromic

  1. (of a substance) undergoing a reversible change in color or shade when exposed to light of a particular frequency or intensity.

“photochromic sunglasses”

ImpactX is the material that the lenses are made from and the technology boasts that they are “guaranteed unbreakable for life”. Big claims. And as part of my review I am not going to go out of my way to prove this. But suffice to say they withstood my somewhat lax approach to gear storage and two inquisitive toddlers who are always getting their paws on my stuff!! Furthermore, I feel better knowing that there is an element of safety to the lenses should I happen to stack it….which I have been known to do on one or more occasion…..

They are made in Italy and as most products I have encountered from there, the quality shines though.

What/who are the Rudy Project?

“Since 1985 Rudy Project is a leading company in sports glasses design and production. Rudy Project puts many attentions in constant search for new materials and technologies…….. Rudy Project is the partner of champions. Sports are our world and the top step of the podium is our place.”

Rudy Project specialize in sunglasses (including prescription), helmets, goggles and other gear and accessories.


First Impressions

Out of the box my first thoughts are quality and attention to detail. Although I received the pair at no cost from the Rudy Project, had I paid for them I would have been very impressed even before trying them out. They retail from $195 (AUD) with the photochromic lenses. You can get them from as low as $135 (AUD) without the photochromic lenses if you choose.

The hard button close case is sturdy and stylish and it comes with an additional soft cover which doubles as a lens cleaner.

When I removed the sunglasses from the box I immediately noticed how light and minimal they were. Having not been accustomed to running in sunglasses one of my initial concerns was the feel of them hanging off my face. These babies are light as air!

The color is bright and bold and the lenses are crystal clear….something that baffled me until I understood the photochromic nature of them.

I wanted to try this out first of course and after putting them on my face to make sure they fit comfortably I ventured outside and stared at the sun for about 10 seconds.

Yep – they work!

They gradually (I say gradually but it was within a matter of about 10 seconds) turned black like normal sunglasses once I exposed them to the sunlight.

The nose piece – A feature point of Rudy Project sunglasses was soft and flexible and made from rubber. It sat nicely on the bridge of my nose and as a first impression I couldn’t see it giving me any trouble during a run. One thing that is really special about the Rudy Project range is that the nose piece is adjustable!  What a fantastic idea….I’m pretty sure we all have a different size and shape nose bridge so one size certainly doesn’t fit all in this area and Rudy Project have come up with a fantastic solution.

The arms are rubber coated and very soft and fine and they fit snugly behind my ears as I sit here and type this. See, because they are clear you can even wear them inside and see what you are doing! Not sure why you would need to wear them inside but hey, I like to really get to know a product before writing my review….

I better remember to take them off before I go to bed.

Oh and did I mention they have adjustable temple tips too! Talk about FEATURE PACKED!

A few extra points to note:

  • Guaranteed unbreakable for life
  • Superior optical quality – almost twice the optical clarity as other leading USA sunglass companies
  • Superior anti scratch properties
  • Lighter then Polycarbonate (up to 21% lighter)
  • Semi rigid platform, you can bend the lenses
  • Cutting edge photochromic pigments are embedded into the lens

Sounds impressive huh?

Put to the test

The thing I like MOST about these sunglasses (aside from their funky appearance and lightweight frame) are the lenses. What an absolutely fantastic idea! A lot of runners (myself included) start their runs before the sun, or as the sun is going down. Or for the ultra-warriors out there….. running all day and night. So, having a unit that allows you to continue wearing them despite the changing conditions really appeals to me and I tried them out in a few scenarios.

  • Early morning run before sunrise
  • Trail run with ever changing light
  • Evening run as the sun is setting

Each time the Rydon performed exactly as promised and the photochromic lenses were really a standout for me, especially out on the trails.

You can buy interchangeable lenses for the Rydon so if you prefer polarized, then that’s ok too!  You can also customize your color (for a small additional fee and a 2 weeks wait).

I didn’t have any problems with them fogging up as I ran however if I stopped, sometimes they would get a little foggy but the most important thing was that they stayed crystal clear while I was running.


I am super impressed with the Rydon and the Rudy Project brand the more I read and discover about their products.

The Rydon are a mid to high range price point but without a doubt you get what you pay for.

These sunglasses are light, comfortable, feature packed, customizable and stylish and not to mention quality made with lenses that are guaranteed unbreakable for life and a two year product warranty.

If you have been considering a pair of running sunglasses (which I might add are also designed for cycling), then the Rydon from Rudy Project are a fabulous option. Don’t be put off by the price tag, the quality speaks for itself and the functionality, versatility and additional features are well worth the few extra bucks.

I would like to thank Rudy Project Australia for providing me with a pair of Rydon sunglasses to review. I am in no other way paid, sponsored, endorsed or compensated for this review and the views contained within are entirely my own.

Rudy Project have also confirmed a 20% discount using code ‘maramon’ when purchasing through valid till end of July.

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