Stroller review: The BOB Ironman by Britax – by Monique Tudman


BOB = WOW. End of review.

No, just kidding. Well I’m not kidding about the WOW factor but

I will elaborate…..

I started running the year that I gave birth to my second child. At the time I was using another big brand name double stroller. Running with a stroller was something I did because I had no choice – if I wanted to get a run in….I had to take the stroller. I did not run with it because I wanted to. The BOB may have completely changed the way I view stroller running.

I have two children. At the time of testing; one aged 3.5 years (17kg) and one aged 2 years (13kg).

Before the BOB my kids hated going ‘running’ in the stroller… they fight over whose turn it is.

No kidding.

The BOB Ironman is described as follows:

Lean and mean, this BOB is born to run. Selected to be the official stroller of the Ironman Triathlon.

They pretty much nailed it on that description. I don’t know about running a half or full marathon in a BOB myself but if there was a stroller to get you there, this would be it. And having said that, the BOB Ironman also shines when a more relaxed pace will do and walking with it is a pure pleasure.

For the record, this is the FOURTH pram or stroller I have owned and by far the BEST.

In a nutshell:

What I liked:

  • The look and feel
  • Foot brake and hand break plus safety strap
  • 5 point harness
  • Super easy to open and collapse
  • Robust design
  • Relatively compact, considering
  • Excellent sunshade

What I didn’t:

The only thing I didn’t like about the BOB would be the fact that I had to enlist the help of my handy husband to put it together. Yeah, I could have given it a crack myself but with my uncanny ability to break things simply by looking at them….I thought it best to leave it to the hubs. The stroller arrived while my husband was at work and I sat staring at it for about 2.5 hours, waiting for him to get home and put it together so I could take it for a SPIN!

The nitty gritty:


$599 (AUD) $409 (USD)


10.6kg with a total capacity of 31.8kg. So, by my rough calculations I could still be using this stroller until my youngest is 6!


Specs (from the website)

  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability whether jogging or running at training pace.
  • Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage.
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • Accessory Adapter allows for quick and easy attachment of the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray.
  • Ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat for enhanced seating comfort. Five-point padded harness helps keep your child comfortably secure.
  • Multi-position canopy adjusts for protection against the elements. Large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your baby.
  • Lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres and tubes are fast and durable.
  • Low Boy Cargo Basket provides plenty of undercarriage storage. Additional space in large seatback pocket. Internal seat pockets provide a great place for snacks and toys.
  • A simple twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knobs keep you rolling straight.
  • When engaged, the parking brake helps secure a stopped position. Hand Brake provides additional stopping assistance when strolling.
  • Padded handlebar for comfort; wrist strap helps you secure stroller when strolling and provides handy fold lock when folded.
  • Canopy silk screened with Ironman logo.
  • Travel System Stroller.


Running with the BOB was a DREAM! Well, as much of a dream as pushing 18kg of toddler who asks 275 questions, all perfectly timed as you are running up the steepest hill in the neighborhood could be a dream…..

Parkrun (free, local, times 5km weekly event) was actually more fun when I took the BOB. An added challenge to mix up my training and to have some special time with one of my children. The sharp turns on the path and grassy park section were no match for this badass mother runner and her BOB! No sir-ee! I managed to get some super quick times in while pushing the BOB and all the while felt that (thanks to the well thought out and purpose built design) that I was able to maintain proper form and avoid any injuries while doing so.

Once the initial set up was completed (by super helpful and handy husband) and a few adjustments made to the front wheel to make sure I was running straight, the BOB performed perfectly.

As I had never run with a fixed front wheel stroller before, it tool one or two runs to get used to the need to slightly tilt up the stroller from the handle before making a turn but now it seems normal to me. The transition was very easy.

Each run with the BOB I enjoyed more, getting to know the right way to push while you run (with your core) and feeling stronger all the time. Stroller running is like speedwork in disguise!!


I put the BOB Ironman through its paces. Mainly I ran on bumpy rural nature strips and chewed up bitumen roads. I covered over 50km in the BOB before writing this review and I would give it a 9/10 for durability. There are minimal signs of wear on the tyres and the rest is like new! I am interested to see how long I can get out of a set of tires, especially as my children grow and get heavier however judging from the wear after covering over 50km, I am pretty impressed.

Value for money

As far as strollers go, a fairly mid-range price for what I believe to be a high quality product. The Britax travel system adaptability means that you can use this pram from birth (see note) if you have a compatible capsule for your car. I used a capsule (baby carrier system) with my kids and can’t speak highly enough of them and the fact that you can use it with the BOB just gives me even more reasons to recommend this product.  Please note that BOB recommend that your baby is at least 8 months old before running, jogging or off road use.

A few other big name running strollers that you tried first: $1600

BOB Ironman: $599

Being able to get your (stroller) run in, with performance, comfort and style: Priceless



I honestly don’t know how I lived without a BOB. If you’re into running (or walking for that matter) and you have young children, then you absolutely cannot go past the BOB.

Outstanding performance, reasonably priced and style and comfort for both passenger and ‘driver’, I’m not sure what else you could want.

Connect with Britax

Website: Australia and USA

Facebook: Britax Australia or BOB Strollers

Twitter: @britaxbob

Thank you to Britax Australia who kindly provided me with a BOB Ironman to review. I have in no other way been paid, sponsored or endorsed by Britax and this did not affect the outcome of my review. The views expressed are entirely my own.

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6 responses to “Stroller review: The BOB Ironman by Britax – by Monique Tudman

  1. Awesome review Monique, thanks for sharing!!! Wish I’d known about these fantastic running prams 12 months ago. I would have bought one for sure. Enjoy your pram runs 🙂

  2. Thanks Sheridan! I absolutely love it and wish I had one when my eldest was born…even though I wasn’t a ‘runner’ then, it would have encouraged me to run I think.

  3. We LOVE our Bob – we have the Revolution rather than the Ironman, so not quite as good for running, but it can still do a fast parkrun. Bought it 6 years ago in the US before 1st child was even born. If it broke we’d buy another in a heartbeat.

  4. I love my ironman bob single & now need a double to continue running with. Do you know who ships these to Australia?

      • I did find a supplier but I ended up buy a chariot as I thought it would accommodate the kids for longer. There are plus and minuses with that. It is not as portable.

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