Being a running woman


A few weeks ago in the Facebook group we ran a competition for some of our awesome running mums to win a copy of this months issue of Women’s Running Magazine. The question I asked was “What does it mean to be a running woman”. To me, being a running woman (and mother) means that I am an able, determined and resilient person, who is passionate about my health and inspiring my children to live a life full of chasing dreams and nurturing their bodies. The community among women, especially in the running community, and our community of running mums has amazed me. The support and encouragement to run your journey; and support everyone’s journey, is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope to be a running woman until I’m ageing and withering and I know, that even then, women from everywhere will come along side me and be a part of that journey. Here are some of the amazing comments about what it means to be a running woman.

Jan Newbury Their passion to be healthy and to be wonderful role models for their children

Lisa Booker Storay Freedom of the mind and soul, whilst out running, pure bliss

Belinda Jones women are machines- we accomplish so much and to then run on top of it- we are awesome

Bernie Larsen Womens ability to juggle all commitments. …family, work and exercise to enhance their quality of life

Roxy Clayton Showing those who think ” I can’t, I don’t have the time, I work, I have kids” that we CAN. We CAN set good examples to our kids, we CAN make time for ourselves, we can set and achieve amazing goals. And we CAN support and inspire those who want to do the same.

Sasha English Empowering women to set goals and giving them the strength and encouragement to follow through with their dreams !

Sandra Thomas I love the fact that we are all strangers in real life but can come together here and share our love of running and all the good and bad that comes with it! Without prejudice or judgement – just inspiration and encouragement.

Cheryl Ward-Massey We are multi tasking miracles…

Rich And Clare Tapp The way they ‘make’ time where there isn’t and turn ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’. But what inspires me most is their stories – such power, emotion and commitment!

Emma Sunley it’s that can’t isn’t in our vocabulary

Carmen Galea Austin Just like this site the inspirational stories

Didi Rosevear The way women just get on with it and find the time to run

Lee-Ann Moore The determination….courage and passion that running gives them

Jo Doughty-Roberts The strength, endurance and commitment.

Kate Dzienis The fact that they are examples of multitasking…taking care of others while taking care of themselves; juggling being mothers, teachers, lovers, daughters and sisters and STILL be able to find the time to treat themselves to a run. That’s what I find most inspiring. Because if they can find the time, I know I can too.

Tracey Heath That any women can run no matter how fit you are, anyone can do it

Sam Post The ability to have your run AND be a mum! Its a win/win for sure!!

Mim Schulz That we do it despite the dreaded boob bounce!

Amanda Addison I love the way women don’t make excuses – they can run a household, have a family and work but still find the time to get out for a run .. So motivating!

Emma Cooper Because we are strong, fit and brave to be ourselves.

Frances Morgan-Keith I see women out running – they are showing everyone that they can do it and they have made a conscience decision to be fit and healthy and that is so important!!

Kate Lehmensich Their determination, despite the many obstacles presented constantly.

Sonja Cottam Seeing women running I see strength, courage and freedom!!

Sue Keane Our lives are busy as wife, mother, homemaker and in most cases workers. To fit a run in to that hectic mix is pure commitment. We all find the time to run and that is inspirational enough

Kelly Thompson No matter who you are or what you do or how old you are seeing another women running is like! Hell yeah we can do it all!!!

Jenny Crocker That we manage to fit it in! On top of all our other commitments and jobs

Desiree Kawabata Just that they believe we as women can do anything. Reminds me of Charlotte Whitton’s quote- “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult”. These amazing running mums just reinforce this

Raelene Rylance Taylor What inspires me the most is no matter how big or small we are, how fast or slow we can run, or how fit we are, we are out there running and giving it our best. With pure determination and strength and lots of encouragement from other running mums.

Kathy Flanagan That we are all out there keeping our sanity in our crazy lives and dedicating time to ourselves!

Jenny Harmer That most of us say we can’t run when we start, too old , too slow too fat etc , then we start and you can’t stop us….. just love seeing women do this

Elise Ward The dedication and passion to make sure they get a run in for themselves

Dianne Haire Seeing that no matter how busy we are, how unhealthy we start out, how much our head says we can’t, we make the time to invest in our own health, and our legs say to hell with you mind. I can run and I WILL! As the mother in each household is the key ingredient to her families health & well being it is vital to get out for those runs, the support from women runners is so inspiring it changes lives.

Lee Zammit It inspires our daughters to achieve whatever they put their mind and teaches them valuable life skills of setting goals and more importantly how not to feel guilty for investing time in themselves. We, as running mothers, teach our sons to love, admire and support women no matter who they are.

Carmel Canto Lucci I love all the extraordinary & wonderful real stories. Never a dull moment in this group! Love it!

Kim Ridley The power I feel every week after running with my running partners – we share our days and leave it on road .. Then we are the mothers the wives the friends the workers we love being

Lee Scott I draw inspiration from knowing that 6 months ago I couldn’t run at all and 4 months earlier I was 12 kgs heavier. I’ve become inspired to see just how far I can push myself. So far it’s been 14km, let see just what is possible!

Louise Brooks I especially like stories of people who have run after suffering adversity be it weight loss, illness or even those who have just overcome not being sporty at school and have got out there and done it.

Cristie Wilson That old, young, fast, slow… We can move to our own tune and run run run!!

Renae Jamieson It grows from just a thought to actually lacing up and getting out there and then perservering through the run bettering it each time

Megan Hayley Just because you can’t run fast, doesn’t mean you can’t cover a great distance

Kerry Williams I am inspired by the courage and determination shown by all. But the support and strength shared amongst runners is truly empowering 🏃

Michaela Wilson Because we get out there and just freaking do it and our household keeps on running too

Deb Everingham My age – while ever this old body allows me to I’ll continue to run!

Genevieve Titov The role models they are for their partners, their children, their friends and the way they fit it in while juggling so much!

Marianne Clelland Well sometimes it would be easier to stay snuggled up in bed on these cold mornings, but no we get out there to inspire our kids, family and friends and each other

Cindy Scard The thing that inspires me most about running women and running mums in particular is the self discipline it takes to get out there despite being pulled in seven different directions during the day or awake half the night with kids. To see women say through their running ‘my own health and well being is important’ really is inspiring.

Jodie Roberts Determination, discipline and spunk

Christine Humphrey That they manage to find the time in an already crazy schedule to put themselves and their physical and mental fitness first x

Lisa Chawner That running is so helpful to so many women & I’ve only discovered this about a yr ago & have been accepted into a few running groups who are so supportive no matter what x Run girl run x

Marcia Jane When most people look at a woman running, they see just that. But when I look at a woman running, I see…a mum, a wife, a career woman, a daughter, a sister. I see someone who knows that running makes them feel good. I see someone planning how they would solve the world’s problems. I see someone grieving. I see someone celebrating. I see a woman raising money. I see a woman defying other people’s expectations of her. I see a woman juggling all those balls, without missing a beat. I see myself.

Melissa Connell What inspires me we just put one foot forward and we go go now matter how we are feeling. The after feeling that we buzz for hours is so rewarding and fitness levels are Great

Tracey Ivanovski Running is a release, it’s physical, mental and emotional! There is nothing like the rush you get when you complete a run no matter the time or the distance. It’s my participation in life in my own space. I just loooooove it!

Rebekah Mannering I am inspired by the support running women give each other, running women seem to be mainly inclusive and supportive, we recognize the everyday struggles women have and choose to help and encourage each other

Anna Fitzgerald Wonderful. Omnipotent. Meaningful. Enduring. Natural.

Laura Taylor Women kick-butt! We have grit, determination and strength that enables us to perform incredible feats. Our bodies are beautiful, amazing machines. Running is just one of many demonstrations of this.

Leah Weeden Running women inspire me to run more often, faster and longer than I ever thought I would be able to.

Lianne Christall How we are invincible. We can still hold down a full time job look after the kids shop, clean, cook etc etc and still have time to RUN

Kathy Penver Running women initially have the inner strength to strap their shoes on in the first place. That inner strength grows with time, and limits are pushed. At its strongest, there’s nothing that inner strength can’t handle, in or out of the sneakers. That’s what inspires me… watching women empower themselves!

Janet Hughes Training for the City2Surf at 57 with 3 gorgeous younger girls who make me laugh, cry and puff, and they accept NO excuses!!!

Mel Monico My new motto – ‘why walk when you can run?’ Absolute freedom, power, inspiration and ‘I can achieve anything’ attitude!

Tess Warner I am inspired by the dedicaiton and devotion of running women. We lead busy lives with little time for ourselves. Running is our way of giving ourselves health, fitness, energy and life!

Tayyah Pegg Running mums show me that being fit and healthy as a mum is not being selfish or self centred, but being a better mum for their kids.

Catherine Ross That running women can be so inspiring and encouraging to one another. We all realise what it takes to run a family and still get out there and train in all weathers, early or late, light or dark. And we admire the strength in each other!

Linda Burden What inspires me about women runners is that on the whole they see the cup as half full, not half empty, there is a positivity about runners that I do not see anywhere else in my daily life.

Sarah Gormley I see resilliance – whatever is going on in a women’s life, she found/made the time to run!

Jo Forsyth When I watch my daughter watching me… Hopefully being a good role model for her x

Gail Oates It’s empowerment, it has inspired me to take charge of my heallth, respect my body, respect my heart disease, and not be a victim.

Amy Hunter Their commitment to spend time each week taking care of themselves so that they can take care of everyone and everything else they need to.

Sarah Craven sheer GUTS (genuine urge to succeed) women who run succeed at their level and at their pace. I love that running is a race against yourself and it teaches you determination and to feel free when it’s just you, the road and the air you breathe!

Melissa Toman the example we are setting our children, not only in a healthy and active lifestyle but the fact that you don’t have to win at something to enjoy yourself, setting goals and putting in the hard yards to achieve them.

Annette Chapman The dedication and love they have for running, not only for themselves but for everyone else, fast or slow, young or old.

Helen Panayiotou No matter what, women do find some time to run and make it count. The resilience of women is unbreakable.

Katherine Stark It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, whether u are fast or slow, I love seeing everyone out there putting one foot in front of the other and giving it a go

Megan Jones I’m inspired by their strength, determination and passion. It takes great strength – physically and mentally – to run, and that’s something us women have in bucketloads.

Cathy Couchman that we can manage to fit in a daily run despite all the millions of others things we need to get done by end of day

Robyn Williams Their unfailing commitment to never give up. Their determination. Their passion. Their love.

Cara Tatnell the fact their post run anecdotes in just written form on social media can transcend thousands of kilmoteres in distance .. be entirely just cyber existant but still envoke emotion so raw that totral strangers can shed tears reading it ! What else can I say LOL ?!

Lisa Prince Running women allow themselves to do what they love despite, despite, despite. They do it at crazy hours often never alone but pushing strollers or with kids on bikes or scooters. We are creative but we know to love those around us we also have to be able to love ourselves.

Rachel O’Sullivan That they are ordinary people like me, trying their best, finding their best.

Denise Hertroijs I see a running woman and I think she is in her happy place right now – filled with her own thoughts focused on her breathing and enjoying some well deserved time out from work/motherhood/life

Megan Wood That there are so many of us now, that we are overtaking the men! Yay!

Juliana Hannah What inspires me is the challenge, no matter how far or how fast. Setting up a goal and following it to the end

Jo-Anne Love Others might not get it…but women not only run for health and fitness but its our time away for ourselves!

Adhityani Dhitri Putri I am inspired by the fact that running women are not intimidated by the demanding physicality of the sport and put up with all the not very lady like things associated with it – the black toe nails, the chafing, the frizzy hair thanks to the almost daily need to wash your hair. I am also inspired by the fact that running women have redefined the way the sport views women – we are not just accessories to the sport, rather, we form an important component of it as we shape race organisation, performance gear, as well as help introduce new approached to training and nutrition.

Kelli Tragear Being a runner myself (only a beginner mind you!) and knowing what it takes to be able to run ANY length of distance, I admire the strength, guts, determination, endurance, stamina and most importantly the stubbornness of ALL of us running women, no matter how slow or fast we are!!!

Catherine O’Keeffe What inspires me about running women.. the thought that through running, I learn of my strength, i learn how to forgive myself for weakness and how to move on from difficult times, and how to find joy in the present…and by learning all of these things.. I can become one (a running woman)

Kylie Northey The amazing women who can run faster and further than me, inspiring me to push harder and those that are starting their running/fitness journey because we all started somewhere and each have our own reasons for getting off the couch each day.

Kristen Knight What inspires me about running women is their strength, determination as well as their kindness, support and advice. This group has given me courage

Natasha Wells I love as a women runner of only 4 months that i have inspired my nearly 9yr old to start running too. I love that she is starting to enjoy exercise at such a young age. I wish I had started earlier as I love how it makes me feel afterwards.

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