The best Running Nana Around…..


I’ve only been a runner for just 2 years. I’m 54 years old now and a Nana to Jack and Georgie (4 & 2).
I’ve always played netball most of my adult life, only stopping about 7yrs ago due to knee injuries. Then I put on heaps of weight. I was about 85kg. I had to get serious about myself! My cholesterol was very high, I had to go on medication. I struggled with lots of things, including self-esteem, I knew I looked terrible but didn’t know what to do about it. I started losing weight through the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program. Met some lovely over 50 ladies on FB and some of those ladies started running, and so did I! Walking at first, but at home on the treadmill. Oh I was too embarrassed to go outside, but soon the walking wasn’t enough, so I started running, still on the treadmill. The weight was falling off, and my confidence was increasing but I had issues with my knees, till I saw a Chiropractor, who said my whole body especially my hips were out of alignment! She worked on me for quite a few months. I go now once a month to keep my body aligned.
By now I was running outside, and I discovered parkrun in Jan ’13. Then a parkrun started near where I live, Logan River parkrun, and I met a whole new group of running friends. Now my hubby and I are Run Directors there! I have also had some injuries in the past 12 months, so I also have the wonderful Physios from Body Leadership to thank for getting me through these half marathons, and will continue to go monthly to get me to the start line in my future events!!
My fitness level increased and so did my ability to get out and run around with my Grandchildren. Jack loves to have races around the yard and Yes! I can keep up with him, he loves it! Georgie chases us around.
I have done 3 half marathons this year. First one was the Canberra half in April, where I met the lovely Nicole Bunyon. My time was 2:11:43. (I was secretly hoping to get around 2:20!) The second half was a local event with a time of 2:17. Last weekend I ran the Gold Coast Half in 2:08:55! I was hoping to get under the 2:10! I had a fantastic weekend meeting so many inspirational ladies!
I have had a small seed growing inside me for a couple of months to run a Marathon….eekk…..After this weekend watching all those wonderful runners, that seed is now sprouting!
I AM running a full Marathon next year at Gold Coast!! I will be 55 yrs old by then.
I am proud of what I have achieved! My Husband Graham has been by my side throughout this journey and will continue to do so as long as he can keep running. I know my sons and my grandchildren will be somewhere along the marathon route to cheer me on next year. My Logan River parkrun friends have said they will be out there running with me to train for this event. I am excited about it.
You are never too old to start, and I am now off my cholesterol medication!!!!!

2 responses to “The best Running Nana Around…..

  1. Great story Christine , you are a blazing a trail for other older runners who are too scared to get their running shoes out.

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