My First Marathon by Mel Bruce


On Saturday 6th July 2014, I completed my first ever marathon and I am still coming down off the high. It was such an emotional day for me that I wanted to share my story. It didn’t go to plan but I finished, and I finished with a memory that I will have forever!!

When I realised I wasn’t going to make my time I was disappointed in myself but then I remembered my little people waiting for me at the end and the love and support I’d received from all the RMA ladies out there telling me to please post when I got back so they knew I was ok and I thought you know what, I CAN do this and time doesn’t matter!

I had a less than ideal lead up to my first marathon after what was a seamless injury free training program, a few weeks before the run, I ended with a foot injury and new orthotics and then streptococcal pharyngitis managing me one 5km in two weeks prior to the race, a heavy course of antibiotics and a resulting bout of gastrointestinal stress.

I finished my antibiotics on the Thursday before the run and finally felt well and thought yes I can still do 4:15! It wasn’t to be! I started out strong (too strong) and kept my pace till about 20km! I knew I was in trouble at about 16km and it was at this time I received some love from Danielle (a fellow RMA) and some kind words (and strict instructions to let her know I was ok when I finished). The real vomiting started not long after and I had to pull over every km to be sick!

At about 25km I ran into the lovely Sarah (another fellow RMA) at which point I was ready to give up! She gave me a chomp to try and help me get some fuel but it wasn’t to be and in the end at the 30km mark I decided to give up on fuelling and just dropped my pace back once and for all. I went from 5min 30 kms to 8min 30 kms and texted my hubby who I knew was tracking me telling him not to panic I was ok!

I saw an RMA sign and photographer at the 30km mark and gave a big wave and then saw my family and friends and my 4 yr old said run mummy I’ll see you at the finish for our medal and that is what made me keep going! I kept plodding along and at 37km I knew I’d make it!

On the last 1km people were shouting my name and high fiving me and I was balling my eyes out! One man ran out and hugged me and ran 100m with me! As I ran down the finishing shute my hubby chucked my 4yr old over the barrier and he hugged me and yelled mummy I’m so proud of you to which the crowd cheered!

As we crossed the line I burst into tears and my son said don’t cry mummy, you won! They gave him his own medal and took his photo and then the lovely Sarah came over to give me a hug and check on me! It was a mammoth day but I made it! My time was about 5hrs 15min (an hour outside of my planned time) but I finished and I finished with a smile and a very proud family!


Mel Bruce

5 responses to “My First Marathon by Mel Bruce

  1. I have tears! What an amazing achievement. Well done. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Awesome Mel!!! I had tears reading this!!! I’ve just started training for my first marathon (Gold Coast 2015)!!! I’m hoping to finish the race!!!

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