Simple green smoothie

Everyone loves a green smoothie right? Well I know I do! After a while you will work out what combinations work for you and what don’t. A green smoothie is a great way to pack in all those good nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs and a good source of much needed vitamins for runners!


Because green smoothies aren’t a ‘juice’ they don’t extract all the fibre from the vegetable when you are making it, hence leaving all the fibre in your drink for you to get into your body.

Green smoothies are an easy way to consume your daily vegetable intake. You won’t even notice that they are in there as the fruit will mask the flavour of the vegetable and you will gain the added benefits of all those good vegies in your drink!.

They are easy to make and relatively cheap too! No need to go and buy one at your local juice bar….you probably have everything you already need in your fridge!

They are a great way to fill yourself up, keep yourself hydrated and keep the sugar cravings at bay.

Here is one I prepared today! It just used things I had at home.

Simple green smoothie:
water, ice, natural orange juice, half a banana, baby spinach leaves.

Stick it all in a blender and whizz it on high.

Now you could add other fruits or juice or coconut water or whatever you please, but this is just a basic one!

I made mine in my Kambrook Blitz2Go blender and it is so simple and easy to use and the best thing is that you can take it with you as you make it in the bottle and it comes with a lid!

We have one of these to give away to one of our lucky members over on our Facebook group this week so make sure that you are in the running to win this fantastic prize!


2 responses to “Simple green smoothie

  1. ooh this sounds refreshing! I like coconut milk, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, pawpaw as a mix. sometimes I add banana too. I don’t really measure too much , just make up 1ltr and it serves me and the 4 kiddos 🙂

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