The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt review

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When I started running in September 2012. I just ran. I didn’t take anything with me, I didn’t have my phone, GPS or iPod. I ran out the door and asked my husband to come and get me after 30 minutes. We drove the car back along my route to see how far it was. For the record it was 4.5km.

But that method lasted about one day.

I eventually started running further, I wanted to track my progress, listen to my music. You know…. Running is the most expensive free sport out there isn’t it?

I like to have all the bells and whistles.

But some are more useful and necessary than others.

One of the VERY FIRST purchases I made when I started running, even BEFORE a GPS watch and one of two items I still run with EVERY SINGLE TIME is my SPIbelt.

The other is my phone.

Carried in my SPIbelt.

SPIbelt stands for small personal item belt.

My first SPIbelt was the SPIbelt Energy belt with gel loops. It came with removable toggles to hold your race number (LOVE THIS) and I love it as much now as I did back then. But after using the SPIbelt Endurance Series belt, I may have fallen in love with the SPIbelt just a teensie tiny bit more.

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The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt is like my original SPIbelt….. on steroids!

It’s wider, sturdier, has a larger clip as well as a bigger pocket which has a special water resistant (not waterproof) lining. I must also mention the reflective trim.

From the website:

The SPIbelt™ Endurance Series features a larger neoprene pocket to carry all your race day essentials. With larger elastic (1.5″), this SPIbelt™ is more stable with heavier loads. It also comes with holsters for energy gels and adjustable race bib toggles. Additionally, the SPIbelt™ Endurance Series is completed with reflective trim for increased visibility. 

The interesting thing I found between the two belts is that the smaller (Energy belt) belt is longer. I have plenty of room in both so that’s no dramas here but if you are concerned about the length of SPIbelt fitting around your waist or hips (however you like to wear it), make sure you measure yourself first and check it against the measurements on the website.

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The band is completely elastic and fully adjustable so you can get a really comfortable fit without any digging in. When you position it right, I like it a little higher than my hips but not quite my waist, then it doesn’t move at all!

The Endurance Series belt comes in a variety of colours too. I chose black because I like my accessories to match all my outfits. Very important.

What I like MOST about the Endurance SPIbelt

 Gel holders

Although I usually run with a hydration pack which holds all my nutrition needs, sometimes I don’t. This is especially the case in road races where I may rely on the aide stations and just carry my gels on me. A MUST for me with any belt are the gel holders. The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt has 6 of them – perfect! The fact that there is a wider band on this model, really stabilizes the belt, even packed full of gels. The Energy belt does too but I feel ‘safer’ with 6 gels fully loading up the Endurance belt.

 Stability

Although I am quite short and small, I prefer the wider band and larger pocket as the belt feels sturdier on me. It doesn’t move at all and when I get the belt in my ‘sweet spot’ which is right at my lower back (may be the opposite way to how you are supposed to wear it but that’s how I like it), I can’t even tell I am wearing it.

 Built in toggles

There are SOOOOOO many things to remember on race day. I really hate wearing my bib pinned to my shirt (I can never get the darn thing straight) and have used my SPIbelt energy belt with race toggles many times. I have also forgotten my race toggle many times. BUT the Endurance Series belt solves this problem for you (me)! They are built in which means you can’t lose them and you can’t forget them! They don’t annoy me when I’m not using them as I twist my belt to my back when I am not racing as I only use it to hold my phone so I don’t need to access the pocket.

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Areas for improvement

There’s really not much I could suggest to make the belt work better for me, however my preference to wear the belt ‘backwards’ will mean that my race number and gels will be at the back of me unless I turn it around and/or get used to running with the SPIbelt pocket at the front. I did this for a long time without hassles, I just find it more comfortable sitting at the back. I don’t know how the belt could be improved to accommodate my preference so I guess it’s not an area for improvement but more just an observation.


US $34.99

AU $49.95


Well, there’s nothing more I can say other than you should invest in a SPIbelt. I’ve tried two from the range and my preference is definitely the Endurance Series belt. I almost NEVER run without my SPIbelt, even when I am carrying a hydration pack I have been known to wear my belt for the additional storage of my phone and gels. They are not only great for running but for hiking and

travelling. I can see many years of use ahead of me from both the Energy and Endurance belts but the Endurance belt gets more wear at the moment.

If you’re looking for something to see you through almost every running situation, keeping your hands free but securing all your personal items (AND THEN SOME) to your body in comfort and style, then you should seriously consider a SPIbelt.

One of the first running products I owned, one I use the most, and one I know I will be using for a long time to come!

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Thank you to SPIbelt and Australian Distributor Injinji Performance Products for the SPIbelt to review. I already owned the Energy belt prior to this which I have used as a point of comparison.

I have in no way been paid, sponsored endorsed or compensated and the views are entirely my own.

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