WOW. What an amazing 1st year it has been in the life of RMA. I can remember when the idea first entered into my head and I can tell you now, it certainly didn’t look like it has become! It’s an amazing thing this journey that RMA has taken me on, and I am sure, many of you also.

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My days are filled with running, either getting out on the pavement or the trail and doing what my body loves, what my mind seeks and my soul is fulfilled by, or by reading all of your journeys either on Facebook or instagram, or emails or meeting you in person.

It has been amazing to watch RMA grow over the last 12 months from a small intimate group to an almost 5000 strong membership.

People ask me, how is it so successful, to what do you amount that success? Well I can honestly say that it is successful because it is built on a group of amazing, inspiring, and encouraging women that seek to create a community where people feel valued, empowered and equipped to keep on in their running journey.



I don’t think there has been an event in Australia in the last few months that hasn’t had at least one RMA member run, and that has been instrumental in building our community. There is nothing that makes me more excited than a weekend where I get to see all the photos flooding in of all the events around the country where you have strived for your best.



As RMA has grown, so has our need to formalise the vision a little, but that hasn’t ever taken away from the community that we have nurtured and created. It will always be a place  where people can feel free and safe to share their questions, passion and achievements in their running and where they will be celebrated without judgement. For many it has been a place to belong, to form lasting friendships with like-minded people or to challenge themselves to achieve the kind of running goals they never thought possible.



So thank you. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have contributed to RMA over the past 12 months, the businesses who have provided discounts to our members, our resident physio, Paul from Running Injury Free Revolution, our running coach Kate Heyward, the many many members who have shared their stories on our blog and thank you RMA for joining me on this amazing journey. Thank you for inspiring me everyday to be a better runner and a better human. Thank you for being an amazing army of women, encouraging the next generation how to live a healthier, happier life, and believing that even as mums we can achieve our dreams.

I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings……….


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