Home made baked beans

After a long run or any intense workout it is important to refuel the body with a  perfect combination of protein and carbohydrate. You lose these energy stores when running and protein will help to repair the bodies muscles when resting. This recipe is not only tasty but provides a good nutritious snack for after training, is easy to make and good for you.


1 can Cannellini beans

1 can Ardmona Rich & Thick (with mixed herbs) tomatoes (optional is to use chopped tomatoes and herbs, but I was in a rush so this is the quick method. Fresh tomatoes will have less salt content than the canned variety.

a few rashers of chopped bacon

half a red onion

baby spinach leaves

garlic, chopped

pepper, optional


Rinse and drain your cannellini beans. In a fry pan add the garlic, cannellini beans and bacon. Fry up with a little olive oil until bacon is cooked. You could do the bacon separate first if you want then add the beans and garlic.

Pour in your can of tomatoes and then fill half the can with water. Pour that in. Add some baby spinach leaves. Let this simmer for about ten minutes until reduced and thickened.

Enjoy on thick toast, sourdough or just by itself in a bowl!

The perfect snack!

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