Member Spotlight – Sally Dean


Full name:   Sally Louise Dean

Nick name:  Shorty (I’m nearly 5ft in my Hokas)

Age:  44

How many children do you have?  Two – Anthony is 8 and Alexandra is 5

When did you start running & why?  In 2007 I wanted to do a fun run.  I’d never run before, I was super morbidly obese and thought it might be something I could do for myself as a new Mum.  I kept seeing ads for CanToo and finally rang them.  I had planned to sign up for the 9k but the coach at the other end of the phone talked me into the half marathon.  Not sure she realised how bluntly honest I was about my size and lack of fitness on that call.  After my first half I had a lot of work to do to repair the damage I did running so heavy.  Doing another CanToo program was good motivation to get back and since then I’ve done a number of CanToo programs including some as Mentor and one as Team Captain

What are you training for right now?  In less than two weeks I’m off to do the Big Red Run – 260k 6 day event starting and ending in Birdsville.

What does a typical running week look like for you? At the moment I’m tapering but training for this event has been about backing up.  So my training week starts on a Thursday with runs on

Thursday – Road run – 1 hour often hills or intervals

Friday –  long road run or night time trail run

Saturday – long trail run – 3 to 5 hours

Sunday – long trail run – 3 to 5 hours

Monday – road run – 1 hour recovery in the morning, gym for cross training in the evening

Tuesday – core

Wednesday – walk or rest day.

Trail, track, road or both? These days I prefer trail but find myself on the road for early starts on weekdays.

Long or short distance?  My favourite distance on the road is a half marathon.  On the trails I tend to run for a few hours rather than look at the number of kms.  My favourite trail run is the back end of the TNF50 – about 21k from QVH to Katoomba Falls View Café.

What is your proudest personal RUNNING achievement?  That’s hard.  Either my first half marathon which took me 3.26 or my first North Face 50 – where I beat my goal time by more than an hour.

What does running mean to you?  Time to clear my head, to relax and often have some time to myself.  That my kids see that I enjoy sport and that there is nothing wrong with participating and not winning is a bonus.

I love to run because.. I can, and in the early days so many people doubted I could.  I enjoy running and the endorphins we are all familiar with.  The best days start or finish with a run.

What do you love about RMA? We’re all out there together whether we get to run together or not.  Sometimes it’s so good to know you aren’t alone.

Who do you nominate for the next member spotlight?  Sam Post or Rachel Frearson – the way they train in the dry heat of the red centre is amazing.

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