Pregnancy Files Part 4 – Mel Guild

Well this installment comes a little later as this month has been HECTIC!!! Amongst working full-time, chasing a toddler and growing bigger by the minute we bought and moved into our new house! To say we have been busy would definitely be an understatement 🙂 However, through it all I have actually fitted in more running and RMA socializing than I have managed in quite some time – it has been a fabulous running mummy month!


In my last installment, I spoke about symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and its effect on your body and abilities while pregnant. I was experiencing sciatic pain and groin/pelvis discomfort so obviously I was concerned how this would affect my running – well I am happy to report that the osteopath that I have been seeing is a miracle worker! I have no idea how what he does provides so much relief – but it does and I’m not going to question the method or the science behind it – it just works. I have had 3 visits over a six week period and each time there has been more relief, the only thing that causes me pain is not being active, sitting in an office and not getting out for some exercise actually make the symptoms worse, so happily I have continued running.


So I have happily plodded the pavements about 2 or 3 times a week mixed with walks around our new neighborhood mapping out my future hill repeat locations, trail runs and ovals. One thing that I am continually reminded of during this pregnancy is the importance of listening to and trusting your body. Previous to being pregnant, I would religiously stick to training plans and force myself to get out and run for distance and times even if I knew that my body was less than happy to. Being pregnant makes you listen to your body differently as you are always mindful that your decisions not only affect your health but that of your baby’s. I hope that when I get back into running post baby that I remember to be as conscious of what my body tells me – although I am already planning what events I would like to participate in so I’ll probably need to keep reminding myself to listen. 


Overall, being fit and healthy is really helping me to fly through this pregnancy and with great statistics – at 30 weeks, my midwife is very pleased. Although I have gestational diabetes I am managing my levels perfectly through a very controlled diet and exercise, my blood pressure is fantastic (I had pre-eclampsia with my first), despite high stress levels at work and big life changes (moving house) and with good management and again exercise, my SPD symptoms have eased. I have also put on far less weight than I did in my first pregnancy and the time is flying by. I would have to say that running has played a huge part in all of these positives – the endorphins, movement, time outdoors and social aspects have definitely contributed to my well-being.

The love of running and being outdoors is also such a great example for Willoughby – he wants to run just like mum and insists on wearing his RMA t-shirt if we are going out for a run. He has also inherited my old Garmin, showing daddy how fast he ran after a “good run mum” – he even ran his first timed kilometre this month and was so proud to see it recorded on his watch. As running mums we may be running for ourselves – to lift our moods, to gain a healthy lifestyle, to lose weight, to feel a sense of achievement, whatever it may be for each of us, but ultimately it rubs off onto our families… “Happy wife, happy life” should be “Mummy runner, life is funner” (I know that’s not a word but I’m using it☺)


Thanks to RMA, this month has also been a very social affair. I have participated in Parkruns, fun runs, volunteering, charity walks, breakfasts and coffee catch ups and all of them have had a connection to RMA. This community of inspiring, strong women continues to amaze me daily. It is so lovely to be involved in a community of positive like-minded females – we are from all walks of life, we have differing backgrounds, stories, baggage and opinions but we have two things in common – we are mums and we love to run. Those two things bring together a wonderful group of supportive women who will have your back in any situation (not necessarily related to running).

During my pregnancy RMA members have been so encouraging and interested in my journey and I have enjoyed sharing stories with other pregnant RMA members and seeing photos of new RMA arrivals. So basically continue to be RMAmazing ladies, by being part of this community you are changing lives. 


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