One response to “Running Stories

  1. Hi Running Mums. I just read about you in the current issue of Runner’s World. i live in a small country town and am a mother to 3 girls 9,7 & 5. i love running but it is a lonely sport – i do balance this out by frequenting the gym as well! My friends and family really don’t “get it” as to why i go out and run at ungodly hours of the morning. I guess until you experience that runner’s high that gets you through all sorts of daily challenges with a spring in your step, you will never know. i ran my first half back in August 2013 (2 hours) and little did I know that I did this whilst having MS which was undiagnosed at the time. I had some unusual sensations – tingling, numbness and extreme tiredness but luckily nothing that affected my ability to run and work out. My diagnosis came at a time when i was at the fittest and healthiest of my life so “What the %$#@@” was my first reaction. i had two weeks of “why me” and being angry/sad/fearful of my and my family’s future but I can say that running helped me clear my head and focus on the positive. Every time i run I am thankful that I still can and being able to easily nail a 19k run before work once a week is something that I am very grateful for and do not take for granted. I forget I have MS most of the time and my outlook is to not let it rule me, but to get on with life and be thankful that all I have had to alter at this stage is that I need to take a tablet each day and ensure I get lots of rest when I can. I hear so many inspirational stories of women who have been through horrendous experiences whether it be due to their physical or emotional health and how running has helped them to get through their daily struggles. I admire you all for your fighting spirit and your ability to deal with these situations whilst still raising families, working and running!
    What a great website – you’ve got me hooked!

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