Why I run – By Running mum Sue Keane


Hi, my names Sue and Im 54 next month and have 3 teens. I like one of the other RMA members didn’t do sport at school. I chose to work at the pre-school or school for the disabled during 2 of the 3 terms during high school (yes Im that old). I only ever did swimming (if you could call it that).

Ive joined gyms in my time and done classes heck even in my late 20’s and early 30’s I ran. Not because I wanted to but because my friends did.  I even did a few triathlons with work and ran a few races and then…. motherhood.  Everything came to an abrupt halt. No running, the only weight resistance work I got was lifting up the bub.  I think since bub No1 was born Ive done 4 races that is up until last year 2013.

2013 was going to be MY year.  After several failed attempt at Weight Watchers I decided to stick with it come hell or high water.  Im a qualified Personal Trainer, I NEED to look the part.  It was during the Diploma of Fitness that a fellow student said she was running the Blackmore’s half marathon and was going to raise money for her charity of choice.  She said I should do it too. This was in April.  I couldn’t run 100m without dying, how on earth would I make 21.2km.  I told her if I lost 10kilos by July 1st I would.

I started training anyway using the C25K program and within in a month I was able to run 4km with little or no walking. July 1st – I had done it I had lost 10kilos the training had to step up especially now I had registered.  I didn’t want to let anyone down.  I was raising money for ASPECT (Autism Australia), my eldest is on the spectrum and possibly my daughter.  I couldn’t let them down.  I couldn’t let all my lovely sponsers down.  Most of all I couldn’t let myself down.  I had people counting on me.  When the day came around I had got to my WW goal weight (a loss of 16kilos).  Im not a fast runner (anyone remember Cliff young, the potato farmer who ran Sydney to Melbourne, well thats me running).  I finished that half marathon and beat the time I had set for myself.


Im a winner. I now run because I can, I enjoy it, it’s free, it keeps you fit and healthy and it ‘s ME time. And thats not all.  This year Im going to run a marathon, I will raise money for ASPECT again, they do a massive job.  Its going to be hard, there is going to be tears (already had some of those) but Im going to do it.  My mantra has always been when running “walking is not an option” but I think with 42.2 in my sights and knowing the course I think walking will be part of it BUT not until after 21.1

 Parkrun will keep me honest. Sri Chinmoy will give me distance. Run down Under has the challenge. ASPECT is in my sights. A WIN WIN SITUATION.


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