6 Best Core Exercises BEFORE Running!

Hey RMA crew!

Seeing so many runners improve their running technique out of sight guys! I know it’s getting pretty hot but a lot of you are putting in a distance base for your events next year. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone at Gold Coast! I thought it was a good time to look at a quick pre run core strength program to get everything working properly for your runs.

The dynamic warmups are great but there aren’t many runners that actually look at technique based core strength as a pre run routine and it’s actually a great way to get the RIGHT muscles working for speed, endurance and to stay injury free. Professional dancers use it, ‘elite’ runners use it but it’s actually even MORE important for mere mortals like you and I because it can prevent instabilities that can creep into our running to slow us up and even stop us running altogether down the track.

So in this video Ang takes you through six quick exercises to get abs, butt, back, as well as length happening. If these muscles aren’t working you’re going to sink to what we call flat tyre running. If you want to see flat tyre running just watch the last couple of hundred metres of almost any race, they will land…sink through knees and hips…then push off. Absolute killer for speed, it costs you twice as much energy… AND it smashes knees, hips, calve, Achilles, you name it. So these exercises are a very cool thing to do before every run to prevent ‘flat tyre’ syndrome.

Remember, if you have any injuries or health issues check with your doc before you start any strength program. Comfy at all times as well guys.

Good luck with these over Christmas everyone. Hope you have the best time. Rest up…2015 is going to be huge!!

PS: Great to see Running Mum Shirley rocking the RMA gear this week. Love the black! ☺

Merry Christmas Running Mums!

Paul Trevethan

Running Physio




*image from google.

2 responses to “6 Best Core Exercises BEFORE Running!

  1. i am a member of Mothers Run This Town, Rochester, New York chapter. Was fortunate enough to run into a couple of ladies from MRA group while on vacation in Perth. Was hoping to purchase a MRA shirt whilst here. EVERY item in your catalog is sold out?

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