Running Mums Australia  is always looking for promotional activities that will interest and benefit our members.

For all enquiries related to reviews, giveaways, sponsorships,  events, ambassadorships and advertising please contact Nicole at

4 responses to “PR/Advertising

  1. Hi I love this group very encouraging and lots of great information, was wondering how you can purchase a running mums Australia shirt thanks

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Looks like all is going great at RMA, being a member I’m really enjoying the page! I’m just contacting you as I had sent two emails regarding adding the RMA to our Australian Women’s Adventure Directory, we are collating as part of Travel Play Live- Women’s Adventure Magazine, hoping you were ok if we added your contact details. There is no charge at all- just trying to let gals know what’s out there. We have other groups like the Surfing Mums and Outdoor Adventure Mums on board, but I’d hope you would be our contact to collate all the RMA groups around Aus. Hope to hear from you soon, our website goes live Sept 15th, would love to have RMA on it.
    Cheers KA
    Travel Play Live

  3. Hi there. I love this organization and all that you do to promote running and mums. Is it possible please to buy one of your shirts. I’d love to have one.
    Thank you.

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