The POWER of an RMA singlet.

I have been doing a little thinking about RMA lately (funny that….) and this is how our story goes. One day I decided to start RMA and the next day it exploded like an atomic bomb went off……! Just like radiation filters across the nation at such an event, so does the word about RMA….and more….and more…and more people join. There is one little thing that gets them to know who we are and how strong our network is and that is our team singlet

This little singlet was a gift from my friend Luisa when she decided to help me out one day with RMA and my vision and dropped by my house with a design that she had gotten a friend of her’s son to help with. It never changed even from that day. I saw the potential in those three little letters. RMA. What a great logo it was and it just caught your eye as soon as you saw it. The colours, the design and the words underneath. There is no question about who we are…..we are RUNNING MUMS AUSTRALIA. It is written in bold print underneath our team letters. It is visible and tangible and real and says exactly what we stand for. Running and motherhood.

So this little singlet has been instrumental in where we are today. We have changed ‘singlets’ over the last 18 months to an even better fit, but the logo remains the same and probably will do for years and years to come because it is just who we are and it carries our message.

The thing that I love about this singlet is what it has done for us. It really is magical. It has helped us to grow from a handful of members to over 8,500. Remember the days when you rocked up to an event and ran and yeah, you had a great time, but you really didn’t know anyone out on the course and you felt rather alone out there. Well those days are no longer. People wear the singlet with pride, not only because of what it stands for, but because it is NOTICED. You are part of a team, and no matter where you are on the course someone is going to yell out “go running mum!” or “RMA”! or something along those lines. There is high-fifing and smiling and cheering and camaraderie like nothing else when you are running in our team singlet. It just makes you feel good. It motivates you to get out there and that you belong to something bigger than yourself.

The other great thing about our singlet is that it spreads the word about our network. People find us from our singlet. We have not had to do any formal advertising at all for people to find us. We are found by word of mouth and by our singlet alone. People can’t help but what to join in this fantastic network of running women. People have been running along in remote areas and come across someone else in their RMA singlet, they have seen them overseas, in cafes, running along beaches, trails and through rivers. They are at the gym, in the car line at school pickup and even doing the grocery shopping. Let’s face it people love it….because it connects them to something special. Our women.

So if you haven’t got your singlet yet, click on the right hand side of this article and grab yours today. We want you to feel as much a part of our team as we do and we want you to reap the benefits of running along in our team gear. It’s not only comfortable, it may just be the thing that catches someone’s attention and gets them living a more active fulfilling life like the majority of our members and their families.

One response to “The POWER of an RMA singlet.

  1. Today, 4 of us were on a run and 3 of us were wearing RMA singlets, we had another mum yell out, ‘Go RMA!’ at us when we went past and then when we were having our post-run coffees another mum then said ‘Oh they are all RMAs’ when she was near our table for something else. The power of the singlet! Love it!

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