Review – Mizuno Running Apparel


A few weeks ago the lovely team at mizuno sent me these shoes to review. I am a HUGE fan of Mizuno and will be for years and years to come. Not only does Mizuno help you look good out on the track, their gear is made from the highest standard and quality. I must admit I didn’t realise they had such great running clothing, as I was all about the shoes, but when they sent me a further package of gear to try out I was beyond excited!! I received a visor, a Drylite wave tee, a Drylite Intercool Singlet and Drylite Sunset Square short.

These items were so comfortable to wear. The  Mizuno DryLite technology  transports moisture away from the body for a controlled microclimate. This means that you are not a sweaty mess while running along. The fabric is so light and cool and the days that I tried these out were HOT and HUMID.

I really loved the shorts. They were so soft and have inner briefs with Anti-bacterial treatment that are so comfortable and help provide odor resistance to keeps the smells away! They also fit me PERFECTLY. I loved the length and that they were not too short yet not too long. And I love that the purple seam matched the purple in my singlet. Important things people :).

The singlet was so light. It really felt like I was not wearing much at all and there was no chaffing and rubbing under the arms where I have had issues with previous brands. The dyrlite did its job by wicking the moisture away and leaving me cool and dry. Win win.

The hat was amazing as it fit perfectly also, and normally my small head has trouble fitting visors. They are ALWAYS to big for me. It kept the sun out of my eyes and even on my 16km run It provided a great barrier for sweat to stop travelling down onto my face, yet it didn’t get soaked and all uncomfortable. It handled it very well. I was even able to just chuck it into the machine with my washing and there was no change in shape etc.

As for the Drylite wave tee, I am donating that to one of our Running Mum Australia members to try out. I’ll make sure to get her to let the group know how it went. Im sure she will find it comfortable to run in, especially as we come into the cooler months when you need a bit more than a singlet. It is also a nice light material, but thicker than the singlet and has the same moisture wicking capabilities.

Overall the clothing was so comfortable, breathable and performed well. It also washed up well and there was no shrinkage or pulling out of shape and I wore and washed them numerous times.

Thank you to Mizuno Running Australia for allowing Running Mums to review your products. If anyone is interested in purchasing some amazing running gear, head to to find your nearest stockist in AUSTRALIA or alternatively you can call 1300 796 457.


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