From 194kg to running strong.

This is the story of RMA Amber Hart, once 194kg, overweight and struggling to enjoy her family. This is the story of how one mum conquered the demons that said you ‘can’t’, and took the reigns and said ‘I can’. This is a story about triumph and strength. 

I was once an a 194 kilo women with no confidence I had no fight for life but to only exist. My life… I was watching it go by as my husband made memories with our children, and I was always on the side-line watching as I couldn’t do much more than just sit and watch.

I finally had lapband/plication surgery after fighting for it for 4 years. Once I got the surgery that was it, nothing was going to hold me back. At 6 weeks and losing 4.4 kilos I needed help, I wanted to get fit and healthy so I could run around with my children and I could be making memories with them. I reached out for help from a PT friend Maree (FitRunStrong) and she started training me at 172 kilos. I also started going to a gym and a friend invited to go to a local boot camp in my area (Kimz Boot Camp).


I worked extremely hard to push through the setbacks, injuries and mental battles, it’s been tough and a daily battle. I am almost 3 years out since I started my journey in March 2013 and I have lost 110 kilos. I had 2 other surgeries, but I have gained so much more. Now I’m using my firsthand experience and knowledge combining my journey and struggles with studying to be a personal trainer.


One of my favourite things to do is to run, and what lead me to start running was a setback (still working in progress) with my knee. After physio and more setbacks with throwing off my hip I was able to walk somewhat normal and slowly started walking a bit faster and faster. Then I started running (only 10 seconds to start with) and realised I could run without a lot of pain. Then it turned to a minute on, a minute rest, and then run as far as I could, and then rest until I was back in control, but now I’m going back to basics and doing C25K app and also doing a few run clinics.


In October 2015 I entered my first race at Western Sydney Marathon the 5km fun run, it was an amazing experience and I got a PB!

I wanted to join parkrun long before I started. One week my friend Catherine asked if I wanted to go with her to Penrith lakes parkrun, and I have been going ever since. I had a couple of weeks off after having another surgery. I volunteered and my husband did his very first parkrun. Now my whole family does it as well – Chloe (9) and Jason (5).

My goal this is year is to be running 5km non-stop, continue to do Parkruns, and I also aim to do two (maybe more) 10km events, and 2017 will be year to do a half marathon. 


One response to “From 194kg to running strong.

  1. I have loved your story from the very first words to the very last words. Thank you Amber! Feeling your pride as does your great family!

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