The secret runners language.


It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what kind of runner you are. We have a language. The secret runners language. Unless you are runner, you won’t know it. It’s kind of like a secret handshake for runners as you run along; to let each other know that we are part of the same club or secret society. Although it’s no secret that we are runners. We are out there loud and proud, pounding the pavements and the trails.

Running along the shore, there is an increase in heart rate as we see another runner edging towards us and then, as they are close, there is a wink, a smile, a nod, a wave, there may even be so much as a high-five. We KNOW what the other person is thinking without having to ask. We are runners and we are in tune with each other like aliens to the mother-ship. We communicate our feelings as we run along, sending out vibes along the way.


Ad this to a huge running event, where everyone is running along together, each to their own tune, but each knowing the language…letting each other pass, giving way, smiling, nodding, encouraging each other and helping a fellow runner when they are down.

You can go anywhere in the world and someone, somewhere will know the language. The secret runners language.

All you need to do is head out, gear on, shoes laced and out you go into the world of runners who know. Those that will dance the dance with you even if you feel like your on your own. The language gives us a boost when we are on our 34th kilometre of a long training run. It offers us a push when we are on our last lap of a gruelling ultra. It provides us with the stregnth we need to crawl over the finish line when our legs have given up. It makes you feel like you can go further, faster and forever. You can hear it even when there are no words, because the actions of the secret runners language are louder than any words.


You don’t need to learn it, because when you run, you just know it.

You know it because runners unite, regardless of race, age, sex, experience.

We are the runners.

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