The Best Day Before the Race Prep

Hey RMA crew!

Hope you’re all good. Had a bit of a crazy night. I got home yesterday and was having fun with the kids. We were jumping on the tramp and Abbie who is four snuck underneath and tried to touch our bouncing legs. She kind of hyperextended her knee so in amongst my wife nominating me for ‘father of the year’ (as you could imagine) and then a trip to emergency I will make it short this morning!

Just wanted to wish all the running mums doing events for the Melbourne marathon good luck and wanted to go through the things to think about body wise today. First thing is to make sure you do your stretches today. Don’t change your routine too much but do a whole body program.

The most important, and If you were only going to do one stretch today I would target hip flexors. You might want to release them as well. If you are down there with a group, you should get to a park or something and do them together. The other one is to look at a gentle movement patterns. Movement is the best way to get your body even and straight before your race so lie on your back, check your body contacts and do your knee rocks for about three minutes each side today some time then in bed tonight. Ideally you will do it in the morning before the race but I know it’s an early start so prepare today in case you run out of time.

Then just watch your sleep position tonight. Remember, pillow or doona between knees and hug a pillow when on side. Pillow under knees if on your back. Look after your body position so you don’t cause tension before your race. Good luck RMA crew! Can’t wait to hear your stories. Love to see your pics. Send us some at Running Injury Free Revolution if you get a chance! By the way Abbie is fine. She was walking normally around the hospital room while waiting for her Xray! Big thanks to the Mater hospital crew for their care as well!

Good luck for Melbourne and enjoy your runs no matter where you are this weekend guys!

Talk next week,

Paul Trevethan

Running Physio

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