Coaching review: Christine discusses the benefits of having a coach four weeks in……

christine humprey
I decided to take up running on January 1st this year – not only to help my physical fitness, but my mental fitness as well. It also gave me some precious ‘me time’ which I don’t get much of these days!
I signed up for my local parkrun (Sandon Point at Bulli near Wollongong) and in the first few weeks I needed to stop and walk a few times, but after that I managed to run the whole way, and gradually improve my time each week. I thought it would just be a matter of time before I got under the 25 minute mark (I was hovering around the 28 minute) but little did I understand what a huge difference 3 minutes makes when it comes to the world of running and realised that I wanted to improve my time I would need to put in more effort and practice.
And then along came the competition on Running Mums Australia to win a two months coaching program with Coach Kate – perfect timing, and such a wonderful surprise when I won!
Kate asked me what my running goals were and I said that at this stage I just wanted to concentrate on getting my 5k time under 25 minutes. I told her that something I was struggling with as a full time working Mummy was finding the time – but Kate managed to write me out a schedule that factored in my free time and suited me perfectly.
The program started at the beginning of July and the first 3 weeks saw me doing some longer runs (building up to 7k so far) and some speed work, plus some ‘easy’ runs if I had the time.
Week 4 was a recovery week which I was really happy to see after the 3 weeks of really pushing myself!
On Saturday I set out on my parkrun with the intention of just enjoying the run and getting the practice in, but as I went along I found myself really enjoying it, my legs felt great, and everything just felt GOOD – so I pushed myself a bit harder and managed to get across the line in 24 minutes and 54 seconds! I could not believe that I had already managed to achieve my goal after just 4 weeks of following Kate’s program. I messaged Kate with the news and she was so happy for me – it is so motiviating to know that I have her and the whole of RMA team behind me.
So where to from here? Kate and I discussed my options and have decided that I will keep following the program and as I put the work in then hopefully the results will speak for themselves! If I can manage to get under 24 minutes by the end of the next 4 weeks then I will be the happiest Running Mum around.
Thanks so much to RMA and Coach Kate – this runner’s high is just awesome!

Christine Humphrey

If your interested in coaching, look in the coaching tab above, or contact Kate at

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